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  1. Hi everyone I'm having a problem that I can't seem to find a solution for. Basically, I'm adding a fade out to png images at the end of my video as well as in- app text. In the preview everything looks perfect and fades out at the same time, but once I've exported the video, only one image and the text fades, all the other images just cut and it looks terrible. Has anyone else experienced this problem or perhaps have a suggestion on how to fix it? Regards Tristan
  2. Hi I've been using VideoPad for a while now and recently I've gotten a 2nd monitor to use while editing. I edit off my laptop but I use the monitor's screen to do the actual editing. Whenever I am on my 2nd monitor and click the transition button to add a transition, it opens the dialogue box of transitions on my laptop screen. It is seriously out of the way and there seems to be no way to move it where I would like to leave it. Kindly advise a solution! Thanks; Tristan
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