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  1. Thanks for considering this. I think it really comes down to what users need from Videopad. In my case, I don't mind using a low quality preview if it means getting a preview in real time. (which is unfortunately a choice people with old, slow equipment have to make) A real time preview is more important to me than a high quality preview. I use a lot of effects which I try to lay on the tracks at the latest possible stage after I get the core of the project together. This helps. But seeing the preview in real time is essential to comedic projects because timing is so important in making a joke
  2. Thanks for the suggestion borate. I've left some feedback with the developers. I think i can safely pull my tongue back out of my cheek for now. 😏 Before I updated to the newest version, I took a few minutes to check out the changes and liked everything i saw other than the preview settings. I guess we all get used to doing things a certain way. I recently upgraded my computer, as FlyingNando did, (despite my self-proclaimed amateurism) so I'm confident this won't be a huge issue for me going forward, though if i hadn't upgraded my gear it would have been, and I'd definitely have to use a
  3. I love VideoPad. It's simple, yet loaded with features. After using an older free version for some time, I purchased my first licenced copy today after briefly trying out the trial of v7.30 . I should have paid more attention to the changes before paying i think. Though most of the features are still intact (and a bunch of new features that have some cool potential), I can't help but notice the "Change Preview Settings" are gone, replaced by an array of slightly confusing aspect ratio options. What seems like a minor change can have a huge impact on the usability of this software. The tr
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