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  1. just so that i have some idea of time Will the 64bit Version become available this year still????
  2. am trying to salvage the project and all the work that has gone into it so am copying the clips, that make up the video as per your pic, set for set, onto a new sequence and exporting them as long as i do set for set, then it plays fine when exported took a short cut and did 3 sets together and only the 1st set got exported and only the one video plays, the other smaller one like where you have the dog, does not play
  3. is there not even a Beta version that i can start playing with and give feedback maybe a 64bit VP might solve some of the conflicts as my old Laptop had a 32 bit system(was using version 5 or 6, cant remember), and i had zero issues till i found the limit of the laptop that was magic, just that i wouldn't be able to do a patch of what i am doing now at that stage, was only playing with my drone footage and not doing much with it, besides, speeding up, reversing footage, as can be seen on my youtube footage
  4. thanx for the offer to help currently the project has overlays, of video over video, witch i used effects to do, however no water marks yet or any of those rotating logos yet was trying to do as suggested that i export the video and add the logos and water marks and all other decorations onto an exported video later will need to be guided how to do this will i be guided here or via PM thank you
  5. the main project even has bugs when in 2k sadly will need to learn something else as i cant keep wasting my time on VP
  6. the very high quality did not work out, as the 4k image inside another one did not play in some places have dropped the quality to one lower, however still in 4k, and it is again exporting have switched to H265 one of these must work along the line yep, could not get it to work yep VP cant do $k this is a very sad day indeed
  7. here is the link again https://youtu.be/KnPJkf7hXx0 very similar to your pic, just that there is no background color, it stays as black/blank have moved onto the full project think there are a few posts in-between, where i phoned a friend it is currently exporting ( the full project) without any water marks or animations with lots and lots of split screens the way that i ma doing it now, takes very very very long, however looks like its working will update when done if it works
  8. just tried to export the Video, yes in 4k, with no water marks, or rotating symbols or rotating logos and straight away there is an issue , it exported less then 1 second of the beginning of the video this is no good BIG issue, is that i am out of my comfort zone, and has taken huge efforts to learn VP up to this point. so to now go learn something else will set me back almost 3 years yep, that is when i 1st started using VP and started learning how everything works on VP, and started attempting and learning how to edit this is hugely disappointing and frustrating - a
  9. quick update the one video clip on track two, moved it to tack 3 and now they both display with their correct scales and the correct overlap, and the other clips with a similar situation now all display also the short clip that i have moved to track 3, if i move it back to track2, the only the one video clip shows, and all the other ones dont display this sounds crazy, however it is happening am willing to do a video call on whatsapp or something else similar with the developers or someone else who is working on VP to show the issues - this is how someone has been helping m
  10. thank you for the reply and effort will give it a try however, have another and new issue am assuming that the above link to the catching of the drone has been viewed. that was just a tease have gone back to the main project, and where i have two videos on the one screen eg top Left, have a video that has the effect 'Scale' 70% (Video Track 2) and on the bottom right have a video that is effect Scale 40% (Video Track 1) if i hide the one Video track then the video that dosent displays, now displays without the other one, and vice versa, however they dont display t
  11. project details 4 video Files from Mavic pro 1 - Stored on an external HD 4Gig Toshiba - Brand New ( had same issues when using the older 2Gig HD also Toshiba (full and Packed Away) DJI_0278 MP4 File (.MP4) 3,80 GB (4 089 677 287 bytes) 3840 X 2160 25fps Data rate 60028kbps Total bitrate 60028kbps DJI_0279 2,93 GB (3 150 093 436 bytes) Data rate 60032kbps Total bitrate 60032kbps DJI_0280 3,80 GB (4 090 939 994 bytes) Data rate 6
  12. maybe the link wasent ready from youtube side yet, have had that often, just after the video has been published
  13. here is a link to the video that would not export in 4k, however it exported in 2k am going to sleep for a while went to bed at 23H30 and was back editing just after 03H00 will give a breakdown of what editing took place at what times, and what effects were used https://studio.youtube.com/video/KnPJkf7hXx0/edit
  14. not sure if this will help drone is 4k 25fps camera is 4k 60fps could this be the source of the conflict youtube now displays a 4k symbol when footage is uploaded in 4k, and personalty think that that will be good for the videos in future as internet speeds improve around the world this is why i am chasing the 4k
  15. thank you very much for the quick response it did export in 2k however there was a lot of effort in filming everything in 4k will give more details in the next post in a few min am also about to upload the video onto youtube, then you guys can see what i am up to all the logos, overlays and and and
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