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  1. Hello, Another frustrating issue with VideoPad When I am placing text or an Image on VideoPad, when I am editing it and looking at it through the sequence previewer everything seems in balance; however, when I proceed to export the video, everything appears to big (bigger then it was on the sequence previewer) and bleeds into areas I had made sure it were to stay away from Why is it doing this? Are there any remedies?
  2. Hello I am having a totally frustrating issue with VideoPad that I think I may have accidentally induced and now cannot for the life of me revert So, I completed a long, laborious video I was making, and when I went back to edit/move some clips, all the other clips that were on the same track as it moved (to the left) on the track as if to make up the difference with the "new space" available This has basically moved all of my clips from there correct place, to being to early in the video, and has totally thrown everything off sync! I have seen some people saying hold down shift to "remedy" this problem, and at times, it has appeared to (somewhat) work. However, I swear editing my other videos did not have this problem, so I am wondering, did I accidentally do something that made this video act like this? I would really appreciate any help in regards to this, as this has totally disrupted my workflow and made me absolutely furious with the software!
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