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  1. Ya, no. Sitting here, waiting on this thing to create a video file, excruciatingly slow, and it won't install to the external drive. Wow... I sure hope whoever buys software doesn't buy a cheap computer, bc you will be sitting here for DAYS. And there is no way to fix it. Money, money, money, money, money... Rethinking buying the whole software package, because I cannot go buy another laptop. Bc... money, money, money, money.... it is a simple thing to tell the software where to store the files at install.
  2. I have set Windows to automatically install to the external drive, but this Video Pad software seems to override that? It keeps installing to C:/ drive. Which runs slow as heck. And I have to pay extra to get tech support to fux this issue? I already paid for 3 months!!!!! Your software does not give the option to tell it the location to install it to!!!!!
  3. I'm having the same problem. I have a new HP Stream laptop. After buying it (had an emergency in which I just had to bite the bullet and buy an el cheapo laptop to get some work related things done), I discovered that it has almost no memory, just enough to run the OS. So I bought an external USB connection drive, and transferred every single thing except the OS onto the external drive, which has helped some. In my struggles, i didn't get this Video Pad software transferred over, so it is still installed on C:/ and it is painfully slow even just saving a video project into a mp4. I'm not
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