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  1. Great, a clever trick. Why didn't I think of it myself? Thanks, will try.
  2. Hi borate, No special effects, only about 10 transitions. I will try the default export settings (it's only a pity that rendering will take about 3 to 4 hours again, although I have an Intel i7 8GB RAM). Maybe my graphics card is too slow? Intel HD graphics family, on motherboard card, 1 GB?
  3. Hi borate, Problem solved, thanks. I did the following: - made space on my internal SSD (for better caching) - shut down internet, shut down antivirus - used another USB drive and attached it to another port Export went okay this time. May I ask you another question? The exported 30 min. video has a file size now of 34 GB. My input files are from a Sony cam .MTS and some YouTube mp4 files, I added some music as well. The original mts clips all together are 5,6 GB. How can the file size grow to 34 GB? I used
  4. Well, I want the MP4 export (instead of WMV or AVI), so....I'm willing to pay, ... because I like VP so far,. But of course I don't like to pay for the feautures I wo'nt use.
  5. Thank you very much, borate. I'll upload a small part of de rendered video, soon (have to do some work 😉) BTW: the professional version doesn't exist anymore. Can I upgrade to a newer Home version? I don't need more than 2 audio tracks. Besides: the master's version is a bit expensive. Bye
  6. Hi borate. Is sharing my project no problem when it's about 30 GB in size? Reminds me: should I try a lower resolution first?
  7. Hi, my edited video plays back smoothly in preview, but the rendered video is stuttering. It stops for a sec every 5 or so seconds. I'm using VideoPad for years now, version 3.61 Professional; still on the same PC configuration, no problems so far. What could it be?
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