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  1. thanks a lot. It works OK on 7.32 which I already installed. I was wondering what I had done wrong, but maybe it was nothing! I'm happy now, thanks again
  2. thanks guys. I followed your advice but found nothing obvious. Meanwhile, I have cut down my video to the piece in question, and followed the recommendations above in creating a package and uploading to Google drive at the below link. Output.mp4 is the output of VideoPad where you can see the problem at 21seconds. In the .vpj file both sections of the film look the same, i.e. two video pieces with overlays that seem to work OK. I only see the problem when I export. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gpFQLW75ZKiZHLjW_n3FjnTR_IODeb0w Advice very welcome. thanks Diarmuid
  3. hi. thanks for the offer of help, and apologies for my delayed response. I was not familiar with that method, however when I tried it, it resulted in a subfolder with 47GB of my videos together [i.e. those that make up the film in question], making it infeasible to share. In order to recreate the situation, I then saved the clips that gave rise to the aforementioned problem, and creates a new video with these clips, in the hope that I see the same issue, which could then be shared. However the problem did not manifest itself. I think my problem must be in the complexity of my video somehow. For example, I can see video tracks 1, 4 and 5. I have no idea where 2 and 3 might be, or how to uncover them if they are simply hidden. Doing so might be a clue in my dilemma. Researching show/hide clips I came across a piece in the help [http://help.nchsoftware.com/help/en/videopad/win/help.pdf, page 27] whereby whole tracks can be hidden by clicking on the 'eye'. The result is exactly what I see in mine, however it can't be this as this would hide the whole track. What I am experiencing is just selected clips on track 1 being hidden, and I can't find a similar option anywhere on a 'clip level'. Also, the film looks fine in its entirety within VideoPad. The 'disappearance' only manifests itself once exported. Any ideas? thanks a lot
  4. I have made a video, which contains, in parts, overlays of one video [in top right corner, i.e. inset] over another, however, in some parts it works fine, but in others the main video does not show, only an blacked out screen, except for the small overlay in the top right corner. If I remove the overlay then the background is fine [where it's the only video]. My background is set as video 1, and my overlay [inset] is video 4. I really don't know what happened to videos layers 2 and 3, or how to reveal them as I cannot see them on my screen [jumps from 1 to 4]. Not sure if that's part of my problem though. Any ideas where I'm going wrong, or if there is a setting in the overlay that says that any piece of screen not used by the inset should be blacked out? For info I use the following FX on the inset: Scale 0.4 / 0.4 horizontal/vertical ratio, and position 27 / -27 thanks Diarmuid
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