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  1. Is there anywhere else I can look to get answer? I paid $69 for the software and I can't use it at this point, so I need to get some answers and I'm not getting it from NCH. Love to be able to use their tool to do my job, but that doesn't seem to be happening.
  2. I checked in with tech support yesterday and again today and am getting no help whatsoever. I've paid for the software, and it's super frustrating that no one with help me out.
  3. I have the code, I tried to enter it and it didn't work. I've tried to reach out to the company so they can walk me through what to do and I'm getting nothing. Where do I find the page you're looking at? I have the info downloaded on my computer. I try and click on them, but I get a message saying my decryption key has not been set. I click on Preferences and then try and enter the number I have from her, but it won't let me enter it. What would be awesome is an actual human that would contact me and walk me through this, but apparently that can't happen based on what I'm hearing from tech support at NCH - despite the fact that I just spent $69+ on this tool. Very frustrated user!
  4. Where do you get a decryption code?I think I know where I'm supposed to enter it, but I don't know where I get that number... I do have my registration number, but that doesn't seem to work... Help! And thanks. :) Mel
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