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  1. Hello I often use this feature but I find it annoying to have to confirm the settings at each sequence. Couldn't a 'save setting' be added to the mask thus avoiding being interrupted at each sequence? Think of 90..100 sequences, each about 6/7 seconds, and you have to stay there and press 'create' ... 'create' ... 'create' .. 100 times ... panic ^^ https://i.postimg.cc/Qt5MscHK/0200.png https://i.postimg.cc/gjHkLdyY/002.png Thank you
  2. Hello, I don't have your 5 options either (only 3 icon, cut+red+blue icon; missing Delete and Export icons). Can you please tell me which version of VideoPad and Operating System you are using? I am using the latest version available, in English 8.12 (But you have always had these characteristics in an old post of mine you already told me.) Do I have to download / install the same version several times to get a different result? Thanks
  3. I just installed 7.32 and, as usual, I don't save all the settings. https://gyazo.com/4e5fc0813e74eff074ca26c95be1db82 https://gyazo.com/5b30a7b333a9e23dd9c03731ca1f6463 https://gyazo.com/336e29d0f0304f51f5cba5b4caa7f02b as you can see, the setting 'Loseless export' is not saved.
  4. I already have version 7.30, and in the previous question, I made a mistake. I don't want to export the configuration set but I would like the settings of export video to remain saved instead I am forced, at every export (in the same project), to edit the settings as they, after exporting the video, return to the default settings again. and therefore I am forced to change the settings again, export the video ... and loop....this operation for each clip to be exported. Thank you, Fabio
  5. Hello Is there a way to save the export configuration or every time I have to set the values again? https://gyazo.com/c769c569aac37d614df978d342f28ac9 Thanks Fabio
  6. Hi Very strange I tried 2 times right now and on the same file, and it worked correctly only once.
  7. Hello, I noticed that changing the setting in Video quality / Bitrate, the size of the exported file is always the same. is it a bug? These are the main settings: https://gyazo.com/d50a8ee558b19434f7f77e5caa47d9a5 And this is the box of values I try to choose, but all generate an 8mb file: https://gyazo.com/f4c50d216fc6c2ad1e765c67e7e78c06 I use the latest versio 7.30 Thankyou, Fabio
  8. ok, i'm using .mp4 video and it doesn't work. thanks Fabio
  9. Hi Have you tried to export a selected part? I have tried several pieces (5-10seconds) and several videos, but the whole video (1 hour) exports to me.
  10. how can I include a video or image in the post? https://gyazo.com/63857a646bb34c050a0d7f7fe4098408
  11. Hello, There is something wrong. I just checked and, clicking on the fourth icon, exports the entire video and not just the selected and / or divided part. is it possible or is it my bug? Thanks for reply Fabio
  12. ok, exactly, in my language this future is not present for which I was forced to install the beta version, in English. But that's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you all.
  13. Hello, Please anyone there to explain why, despite the fact that I bought the latest version, doesn't it have the same future as Jimmy? 🙄 best regards, Fabio
  14. Good morning and thanks, I tried and in fact only the first 2 icons appear to me. (Split and delete)... -.- I have no way to insert images, I post a link: http://shop.virtualgame365.com/0002031.PNG thanks p.s.: Version purchased yesterday. 6.26.
  15. Good morning and thanks, I tried and in fact only the first 2 icons appear to me. (Split and delete)... -.-
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