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  1. I installed the file to update to version 8.15 of videopad and it got rid of my subscription and I am unsure of how to reactivate it.
  2. I'm currently using version 7.24, I started the project on this version and am still running on this version. It buffers for a little bit then plays the sequence fine after that. On an older version I was using if the incomplete line wasn't there then it wouldn't save that part of the project that is why I want the line to be there this time. I'll also try saving as a portable project.
  3. After installing a new update on videopad my videos won,t process all the way (the green line above the videos). It will go about halfway then stop or sometimes not even at all. I've tried to the clear the cache on the videos and it doesn't work and closed and restarted videopad and that does nothing also. I'm also new to editing so any tips would be helpful, thanks.
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