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  1. So is this something Videopad will correct to become more compatible with or do I have start using a different file format? How do you re-encode wm8 to wm9?
  2. My timeline cursor is at the clip edge between clip 1 and clip 2. Once I drag the image on track 2 out of the way, the sequence preview shows the first frame of clip 2. Once I drag the image snapping back in place, the sequence preview shows a frame of clip 1, ie extends clip 1 over a few frames into clip 2 (not showing in editor timeline but showing up in sequence preview).
  3. I DM shared you an example. To duplicate this bug, get two video clips and an image. Dump both clips on video track 1. Place image on video track 2, ending where clip 1 ends. Move clip two out a bit. And snap it back to connect. Now despite what the editor shows, when you drag the timeline, in the preview window, clip 1 extends a few frames into clip 2. Additionally, the extended frame bug shows up on export.
  4. v10.35 I've had this as a recurring problem on previous versions too. When I have two video tracks on top of each other ending at the same cut mark, on export, the cut removes video track 2 a frame too early. When I move both tracks up a layer, the export flashes a black frame. And when I'm editing, when I drag the timeline forward over to the next connecting clip, it still shows the previous clip for a few frames in the preview window. This too has happened with previous versions. I've reported both issues on this forum before and it sill persists.
  5. In either version/operational difference I have experienced, a single click on the video track clip does not switch a sequence preview tab to the clip preview tab. In the operational difference that I prefer, double clicking does not move the red cursor to the position and sequence preview... rather I prefer the operational difference of double clicking the video track clip to show the clip preview for that clip on the video track. Reason I prefer it is it's more convenient to double click than drag and click. And purposes being for finer edits, splits without having to split the whole timeline, so clip bins previews aren't as relevant. The other functions check out ok as described.
  6. That sounds like a joke. Seriously? Each install is different even if the same version? This operational difference was not very subtle. I'm gonna report this as a bug man I deserve a complimentary license. This is nuts.
  7. Dual display. Right clicking or any other method is still a bigger hassle than double clicking. If newer versions aren't switching to clip preview on double click I'd rather keep using older versions. I tried v10.35 earlier and double click wasn't working, now, I just updated back to v10.35 again and double clicking is working. Double clicking on the clip in the video track goes to clip preview. God I hate this software.
  8. If it isn't a feature that is programmed in, please make it one again or confirm with the programmers. Somebody else has to be experiencing this. Double clicking on a video track clip switches to a clip preview from the sequence preview. I am experiencing some weird quirks with this, now v8.99 didn't switch, but v8.87 does switch. Right clicking is not as convenient, a double window takes up space, dragging my mouse to view a clip preview is a frequent hassle.
  9. It switches for me, yes clicking on the video track. I think it's always been that way from my experience for the last 3 years, until updating recently. It's a horrible hassle to drag my cursor up to the clip tab every time I want to fine edit the clip. Has it been actually programmed to not switch when double clicking the clip?
  10. borate, Nationalsolo, I downloaded an older version of Videopad, v8.99 and when I double click on the clip on the timeline it switches from the sequence preview to the clip preview, just like I remembered. I don't know why you didn't acknowledge this. I downloaded v9.04 and this is when I'm experiencing this change on this version. I double click on the clip, it stays in the sequence preview. It's such a drastic change and makes editing with Videopad a bigger hassle now. Change it back.
  11. Am I imagining things or did previous versions switch to clip preview when double clicking on timeline clips?
  12. Is there any way to get it so double clicking on clip in timeline switches to the clip preview tab, not using dual displays?
  13. I thought that double clicking on a clip shows the clip preview. Now I double click on the clip and it stays in sequence preview. Am I remembering this wrong? I prefer double clicking on clip shows clip preview. v10.32
  14. I think I reported this issue before, but I've already deleted the share file. Takes too much effort to do again. https://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/30431-frame-rate-and-video-track-layer-issues/?tab=comments#comment-79844 Two clips on different layers on top of each other. Connected to one clip on one layer. On the connecting cut, the clip overlaps a frame or two.
  15. Well, it didn't happen when I isolated a test, but I often experience these errors on larger, more complex projects usually at least over ten minutes. Separately, I still experience an error where I'll have two overlapping video track layers end to a single layer, a frame overlaps on the cut between them.
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