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  1. Hi, thanks Borate for the further reply. I looked at this again last night. In fact, the effect that I want: being able to trim (to reduce or increase) the duration of a single clip on a sequence without effecting other clips, occurs if there no gaps between the clips and all the audio clips are linked to the video. However, if there is an unlinked audio track in the project then the editing behaviour changes, and reducing the duration of one clip creates a gap in the video track, any increase in the length of one clip potentially results in a reduction in the length of a clip next to it. So, my question is: is it possible to trigger the first kind of editing behaviour: ripple editing etc, when there are unlinked audio tracks in the project, eg a soundtrack? I hope this is clear. Thanks again for your help.
  2. Hi, looking around at some other posts and elsewhere is "ripple editing". Is that possible on Videopad? I've seen reference to an auto-ripple feature - does that exist? Does it matter for the purposes of ripple-editing whether there are any gaps in the video or audio track? Thanks very much.
  3. Thanks very much for the quick response Uberprutser. I'll give that a try. I could update but so far, apart from a feature that did what I'm describing and what 4.48 doesn't do, it seems to have the features that I need so I'm wary of introducing something that might not work so well as what I have currently.
  4. I have created a sequence of a number of video clips all together with no gaps. I want to adjust the duration of some of the clips on the sequence. I am content to do that for each clip in turn either on the sequence or using the clip preview box, but I'd like to be able to do it without altering the clips around. At present, if I adjust one clip to increase its length, then the clip to the side of it becomes shorter. Can this be avoided please? In other words, if I increase the length of one clip, I'd like all the clips to the right of it to move right to make space for it. If I reduce the length of a clip I'd like all the clips to the right to move left to close the gap. I have Videopad 4.48.
  5. Hi, I have videopad 4.48, a Lenovo laptop T440. I have a short film project, about 100 x 5 second clips that I'm intending to edit to play with a 3 minute audio track. The clips are filmed with an iphone 6, they are quite big in size, around 10GB each on average. The computer is really struggling now that I've added the clips to the video files in my project and have added about 20 clips to my timeline. The laptop specs are something like: CPU: 1.6GHz Intel Core i5-4200U (dual-core, 3MB cache) Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4400. RAM: 4GB DDR3L My question is: is it the lack of power in the laptop that is preventing me use videopad to create my project properly? I feel the issue is that my new iphone records images in much higher quality than I've done previously. Is there a workaround? Is it some other problem? What kind of specs would I need to build the project I want? Is there any way I can reduce the file size of all my clips in one step that would make things easier? Any help much appreciated, Sandy
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