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  1. Can't figure out what happens to the file after it worked before and wasn't changed at all. Any suggestions?
  2. It's a corporate project, so.... I'm just out for a slightly smoother transition instead of the click-sounds in the beginning of a audio-part, just can't figure out how to do it,
  3. Got this small issue with most of the edited and cut soundclips. At the beginning of them there are those scratches. Maybe this is a greenhorn mistake, but I'm thankful for any help anyway.
  4. I switched versions and this one indeed made the trick. Unbelievable. Thanks! I don't quite get it though, why the German version (and obviously the Spanish one) didn't the same update(s)...
  5. Cheers! Funny the German version of NCH does not refer.to the latest updates. I pressed the update button and got the information that v 6.26 was the latest version. So, here we are. Thanks for your note, I’ll check it out and tell you what happened.
  6. It seems NCH cannot sort this issue out, sinces it's been a topic in this forum years ago and stoll is. I have got the paid version and it's the first project I am at and I've spent many hours to find myy way through with this problem. As it seems, none of the suggestions made earlier would be of any use to me. VideoPad chrashes each time at 68.5-75.5% processing. Anybody having a clue?
  7. I've got the same issue with version 6.26. What a drag. It seems there hasn't been much approvement in the meantime. Otherwise anyones help is very welcome.
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