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  1. I own version 4:65 and it was working for years i have tried it recently to begin 2020 but it will not email or let me log in web server!!! So i purchased new version for android and that is doing the same. I am so fed up with this software and lack of help... is i designed purely for the US market I will be looking for both refunds for non working software. why do we need to be a rocket scientist to operate software/ apps in 2020 its not GOOD! I am having trouble with sendinginvoices via Google's Gmail SMTP server. I upgraded to the most recentExpressInvoice with no luck. I also altered the
  2. how do i setup up to email invoices from within software, also on my invoices it shows total for example £30:00 then paid £30:00 below! how can i remove it before printing off or eventually emailing invoices! thanks Adrian
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