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  1. Thank you for your answer. I've removed it from my Mac and reinstalled via that link - but I still get the message "Waiting to automatic driver loading timed out!" - and when the program opens nothing works...
  2. Hi, I've purchased Voxal and using it on a Mac. I've registered it with the Voxal Registration Code (at no point was I asked to put in an email address or other details). When I open Voxal I get a message saying "Voxal will now load it's audio driver", and then I get a message saying "waiting for automatic driver loading timed out, try restarting Voxal to reload the driver". The program does not get any input from my microphone and just tells me "Driver connection failed. Please restart Voxal to try again". Restarting it 10 times didn't work. How do I fix it? Thanks.
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