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  1. So I think I might have solved it, I took a rather long video and it came up with a message "Major Deviation" Do you want to use System Clock from now on. This seems to clear up the problem. However I want to be able to toggle this setting and I can't find it in the options or the manuals. Where is this setting?
  2. So I tried doing a .Mp4 and a H264 which is what I saw on other threads, but we still have this behavior. It's not consistent. Some videos are fine others have the speed up problem.
  3. So we are taking a series of 30 second tests that are timed within a video, when we checked the time with a stop watch in the video the test was only taking 25 seconds in the video as compared to the timed 30 seconds during the actual test. This doesn't happen on all the videos, there appears to be some audio/video slight delay issues as well. Any idea what could be causing this, we are using pretty decent computers for this recording.
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