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  1. Speech to Text does not work on this unless you have it hooked up to Dragon and it's pretty much the same dictator. The same as with Dragon, you have to get the software used to the person speaking and then you can do the Speech to Text. That's why they charge so much for speech to text software. The feature in this software probably works better if you are the dictator using the dictation portion of the software and then import it into the speech to text.
  2. John, I run into this a lot as I do several different transcription jobs and some of them require timestamps. I find if I make sure the software is opened up underneath the document I'm writing into, it will do the Cntrl T/Cntrl V to insert the timestamp. Then it will do it consistently for the rest of that particular piece you're on. Sometimes I attach the Word document to the recording in the software and this helps as they are joined already. I hope this helps.
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