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  1. I have received payment from a customer i want to apply it to the invoice for which i received the cheque the program insists on spreading it out over invoices that haven't been paid, how do i apply it too the one i want
  2. My program has decided now i am using a demo version and wont let me do any thing. I think at some point a Screen popped up and asked m e if i wanted update since then it says i using demo version i downloaded older version, im just gonna give up on this program if i cant fix this
  3. I have an invoice that shows in the invoice column the amount of the invoice is correct but in the due column it shows an amount that is almost double the amount of the actual amount owed and it states it has partial payment , how do i fix this ?
  4. I have several invoices that show up in the invoices list and it shows the amount due for these invoices, but when i look in the unpaid invoices list these invoices are not included, help please
  5. Accidently deleted invoice can i recover it?
  6. Hi all When i go to make a payment i choose apply payment from the first page and if you have more than one invoice for that customer they all pop up and instead of being able too choose which invoice i want to pay it just pays the largest one i think and shows as partial payment. How do i choose which invoice i want too pay ?
  7. OK i kinda figured out when i applied payment to this particular company it applied that amount too two invoices instead of one as both popped up and i applied payment too both invoices instead of just the one i wanted now gotta figure out how to correct that so it thinks both are paid ans i have a credit?
  8. Hi when i get too recalculate customer balance it is grayed out it is not a option.
  9. Hi Chris, I only have one computer on my system it ads up all the unpaid invoices from the same customer and shows total, but my problem is that there are customers that show up as unpaid on my invoices list but do not show up at all on my unpaid accounts report?
  10. When i look at my invoices column and check the unpaid invoices and then compare it too unpaid accounts report about 2 or 3 are missing and I cant figure out why so too sum up some of the unpaid invoices that show up on invoice list dont show up in the unpaid accounts report any one know why?
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