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  1. OK I've solved the problem. Videopad had modified my subtitles to make them appear all within four of five minutes of the video, which is very strange. Thankfully I was able to open a backup file where the subtitles hadn't been modified in this way.
  2. Hi, I am desperately trying to add the subtitles that took me tens of hours to make, to the video. It should be the easiest thing to do and yet there a million options available except adding the subtitles to the freaking video! The subtitles appear in the Subtitles screen, but I have no way of adding them to the video, so they don't appear when I play the video on the main screen, and of course when I export the video they don't appear either. Please help, this is driving me crazy!
  3. It's ok, it worked in the end, it was just a bit slow preparing the export.
  4. Hi, After having added subtitles to a 1h07 video, I am trying to export it to mp4 format, but it's stuck on "Preparing Export, 0.0% complete". I have version 7.11. Please help ?
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