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  1. I would like to be able to step through my bookmarks in my audio file, forwards and backwards. In other words Jump to Previous Bookmark and Jump to Next Bookmark. Currently it seems that I have to open the bookmarks window and double click on the desired bookmark. Thank you.
  2. Ooops. Newbie error. I thought this was a WavePad discussion. Thank you for tip about adding an image. It might be helpful to others to have an icon in the tool bar for adding images. I'm very happy with Wave Pad. I'll look elsewhere for help with my question. (I did check the Wave Pad FAQ carefully before posting.)
  3. Hi there. I'm using V8.44 Ctrl Shift Left/Right Arrow do not jump to the previous/next book mark. My only option is to open the Bookmark List and double click on the desired bookmark. Am I missing something? Thank you. ps. Is there a way to add an image to my reply?
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