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  1. Okay, here it is: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Vp4H7EWQEtlAxJHXcsoDyxL68hNqsI0a/view?usp=sharing
  2. Oh, goodness, Borate! That's not right at all! My apologies. I don't know what went wrong with me sharing it from Google Drive. Give me one second and I'll upload a proper .zip file with all the proper components.
  3. But sir, this is the Portable Project. The output is not good. I added before render and after render screenshots to the link, demonstrating the video data bitrate and the fact they don't match at all. I have no idea what you mean by "final font." There is no font in the video.
  4. I'll see if I can remake that old project that had the timestamp issue. Really, it has happened to all of my latest projects so it could really be with anything. In the mean time, please look at the link I provided below. The more pressing issue right now is the fact that applying video effects don't apply to the render and screw it up. The "Glitchy Lake" project is in there. I added a sample video render. Watch it in your video player and try skipping ahead in the video. You should notice the audio cuts out for a second before it returns. This is a sign of desyncing. A few minutes before
  5. Clearing cache files did nothing. Borate, the "lite" version you included did not allow me to render in .mp4 format - I got a message saying it was a "paid format." The program is only getting worse. So not only am I still having the same issues as before, but now, when I try to apply video effects or anything to clips on the timeline and then render a video with them, the render will IGNORE the video effects and the resulting video will be like a tenth the size it should be. Is Videopad slowly becoming less and less compatible with Windows 10, or what? I have never had this new issue eve
  6. I am using Version 7.11 and exporting to .avi. I wanted to try .mp4, .mkv, and .mpeg to see if it was the file format, but you can't export to those in the free version. The incorrect time code appears in the normal place it does in all the video players I listed. Towards the bottom of the screen. It doesn't appear in VLC Player but the sync issue still occurs. I'd include a screenshot or two but can't seem to find a way to add it to this forum post. What does clearing the cache from Options/disc do?
  7. I've been using the FREE version of Videopad Video Editor for years, having certified I use it for personal use rather than commercial use. Recently, when I render videos and try to play them back in VLC Player, Windows Media Player, or Movies & TV, they won't play properly. I try to skip ahead in the video to watch later parts and either there is an extreme audio desync to the point of ruining the video-viewing experience or the video glitches and stops playing entirely, with a time code displaying an astronomical, incorrect number, such as 752:56:20 or whatever. I've tried uninstall
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