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  1. That's super helpful! Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the reply, that gave me some ideas! That would be a nice feature, since there is some formatting already. I can loop through .srt file programmatically using a PHP script (did not realize that this was just a text file), I just thought that there is something that works out of the box.
  3. Hello, I was wondering, does VideoPad have a way to format the width of the .srt subtitles imported? I have subtitles, but some of them are so long, that they exceed the width of a video. Is there a way to limit the line width? It's just super annoying to go through a 30 min video and format every single sentence manually.
  4. Looking forward to the next release. Thanks for the reply!
  5. It uses 14 clips, ~30 mins each They are turned into trailers, ~7 mins each. So 98 mins in total
  6. Okay... Except it takes about 12 GB of space for my current project
  7. I already have the latest version and reinstalled it from scratch using Revo. And no, the sound cache folder keeps re-appearing at the same location. Plus when I reloaded the project the sound for some clips would not simply load until I restart the project 2-3 times (guess that's the disk space issue). It's a shame that something that used to work is so broken now. Thanks for assistance, I I'll simply cancel my subscription and go with something more reliable.
  8. ATM it is the value in the 3rd screenshot. But the cache still goes to the default location at C:\Users\(Myusername)\AppData\Local\Temp VideoPadSoundCache folder keeps reappearing at that location after every launch. Screenshot
  9. Thanks for the reply, but I assume you did not check the screens that I have attached. That IS the problem. My cache location is specified (I pick the folder using "Browse..." button, drive D which has a lot of free space) but even after 100 restarts cache files still go to the default location (drive C which is short on diskspace).
  10. Hello, I am having an issue with VideoPad for over half a year now and thinking about dropping my subscription. I eventually lost faith that NCH will ever fix this. Problem 1. Apparently overriding cache location does not work, not even in version 8.20. I have a small SSD (117 GB) and a fairly large HDD (912 GB). However, despite the fact that I specify cache location on D drive, cache gets still dumped on C drive clogging it as a result. The files are partially saved to the location on D drive, but majority still goes somewhere to C. Any chance that NCH is ever fixing this? Reinstalling VideoPad with Revo (complete wipeout) did not fix the issue. Problem 2. The cache won't clean automatically when I quit VideoPad and I still have to manually remove it from the default location. VideoPad off (after I manually clean the cache) VideoPad on with a project My settings
  11. Hello, I am now on 7.39. Older versions clearly had an opportunity to detect frame rate of the original input file. How can the same be done within current version? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hello, My VideoPad version is 6.30, been using VideoPad for more than 2 years without any problems. Today I encountered something weird. I have a clip created with VideoPad previously, which is now added to a different project. However, when I re-export the same clip (without even changing it, audio "same as input", video is lossless), the resulting sound appears to be muffled, like "underwater". The file itself is 2-3 mbs smaller (167 mb total). I also tried to pick "High Quality" (both for video and audio), but result was pretty much the same. I have tried deleting and reimporting AAC codec used by VP, but to no avail. Also, I cannot test if the issue has been fixed for newer version as trial version does not let me export the clip. And I simply cannot afford to buy new version every year (especially, if it's a bug). Anyone experienced something similar? Is there a fix for that?
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