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  1. I want to add text to a connector such that if I move the connector the text will stay with the connection. I watched the tutorial at https://www.nchsoftware.com/chart/tutorial.html#text at 1:14 to add text to a connector. Doing exactly what she says does not work as the video shows. I click on Text then the connector. That puts a text box there but the connector overlays the text and the text is not sticky.
  2. I have made an arrow. Now I want to put a label on the arrow to overlay the line. So I click on Select and click on the connecting line. But that always switches to Connector and wants to put another arrow in. I don't see any way around that. What could I be doing wrong? Scenario: Make a box. Make another box. Draw a connector between the boxes. Draw another connector to a 3rd box. Click on Select. Double Click on the 2nd connector in an attempt to overlay "Yes". It will switch from the Select to Connector and insert a new connector.
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