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  1. As I'm looking at these VTS files I do have a couple more questions. As I work on fixing sound and then zooming in on the video in the few places where I need to do that - should I first save the files in the VPJ format? And keep working on fixing in that format? Or should I save as mp4 and then continue doing any editing necessary? Thanks!
  2. Thank you SO much! I had never looked at effects before so that's definitely something I can try. All of your tips look to be helpful for me so thank you again!
  3. I've been using Videopad for awhile now - mostly just to edit client demo's or trim video for the internet. So those things are easy for me. Now I have a more difficult task. I have some video files that were transferred from VHS tapes many years ago. They're from when we were on location making movies in other parts of the world. There's some stuff that's fun to revisit but the quality is often less than great. The sound can be inconsistent (loud from the person who was shooting the video - and quieter from who was being filmed). So first question - 1. Is there a way to normalize the sound throughout? And if there's ambient noise in the background can that be fixed at all? There are some portions where the video has part of the picture distorted. The way old VHS tape would sometimes go bad if you can remember that. So second question - 2. Is there a way to trim off the bottom of the video? I have these files as VTS so once I import them into Videopad and finalize my edits my next questions are - 3. What is the best way to save as Mp4? What resolution? Can my choices here make the old video look worse? Maybe I'm hoping for something that just can't be fixed but if anyone has any experience with this or suggestions to try I am very open to hearing from you! Thanks!
  4. On the older versions of Wavepad you could open a record window and set your volume (gain) before you started recording. On the latest version (9.19 free) I can't find that setting. Hitting record makes it start recording right away and I don't know how to set the gain. Can someone point me in the right direction?
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