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  1. Thanks @borate appreciate your help here. Yes, the replacement clips/images are simply the same power point slides just minus the red dot. I wasn't aware of the lock option and only just read up on it a little before your reply so will give that a try as that may help fix all the changes I have made with the images in place. I am exporting the video right now but won't be able to review it until much later. Hopefully it will come out fine. Either way I'll be sure to send through an update.
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    Hi everyone. I am very new to video editing and purchased videopad editing software because it seemed the most easiest and it has been until I've come across this dilemma. I have an urgent deadline to meet and having a hard time working around what is going on so any responses if possible would be greatly appreciated. Basically I replaced lots of original images/ clips that were linked to the audio file in the timeline of the video I am editing. I did this because I realized during recording I had unnecessarily left a computer pen active and this left a red dot in almost every P
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