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  1. I had forgotten about this topic.. Thank all of you for the input and getting me pointed in the right direction... Life has been kinda busy, and I now have time to pursue my video interests Friz
  2. I'm kinda new to Video Pad, I have tinkered with it.. finally decided to get serious about it.. I was told about a PDF the has information.... Great I can study up on VP.. I get to "User Interface - Clip/Sequence Preview, section/area 6(?) "Title Editing (Title clip preview only).. I read "Click on the Edit button to show title clip settings popup window...... Cannot see or find the "edit" button.. I have loaded a short clip and have it up in "Clip Preview" no edit button.. dragged the clip into Sequence Window, nothing... I update to the newest version of VP... still nothing... Any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance friz
  3. Thank you Nationalsolo and borate for the explanation and making it easy for me, borate I'm going to check the PDF once I post this friz
  4. I was recording a panning shot for a video clip. when a dog barked (UGH)... It happened while no audio was being recorded.. just need to suppress it. I do not want to cut it out and have the video jump Also are there any books about video pad. I have seen some of the videos, bur nothing replaces a book I can mark and reference later
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