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  1. I have Windows 7 Starter as my operating system. I tried the free version of Express Scribe first, and when I used Speech to Text on a file, it printed 100% gibberish, as in, not one single word was correct. It was basically Lorem Ipsum. So I figured maybe the feature was disabled, so I bought it yesterday... and it still prints gibberish. It works on it for a couple hours, and I can look at the graph of the processor use and I can see that it's doing *something*. Then, finally, after a couple hours, it spits out a 100% random bunch of words. This is not just a "mostly accurate with one mistake here and there." These are words that don't even sound like what the person was saying even if you use your imagination. This is when I run it on an mp3 file of an interview or something. It does this no matter how good the audio is.
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