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  1. I have tried what you suggest, but the result is the same. I have set Video > Compressor to H264 and Video Quality/Bitrate to High Quality/Larger Filesize but the result is choppy. I tried to set Video > Compressor to H265 but then i get the message "x265enc3.exe has stopped working". When i play the video in your software without recording it plays very well so the transfer through Firewire is ok.. What to do next?
  2. I have used your software (licensed) to copy a lot of digital videos from tape to computer. The videos are recorded on a Panasonic NV-MX300. I connected this camera to the computer using Firewire cable. I noticed during the copying that the video looked choppy (is there a better word?) in Debut software while it looked ok in the camera. The fileformat is set to mp4. When i look at the fileproperties the framerate is 5.64 which seems low and probably explains the problem. What am i doing wrong? Best regards, Terje.
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