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  1. Today, Adobe announced its plans to stop supporting Flash at the end of 2020. So what will happen with Broadcam video streaming users who purchased this software??
  2. I have tried Tech Help and have had no improvement on this problem. The camera streams for a while then stops with a box that says, Logitech camera failed to start, please close all other applications and retry. I have done what tech said to do, redownload the software, uninstalled all my Logitech software. Updated drivers and still the camera will run for awhile then stops all of a sudden with no rhyme nor reason. I am figuring this is a big waste of money for me at this point because of no solution. Any help or thought would be appreciated. My site is www.ruff-cuts.com It's dog grooming and clients can click the webcam to watch their dog being groomed.(open by appointment) http://<a href="">BroadCam Video Streaming Server Live 1</a>
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