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  1. Anyone working with large video files from the Insta360 OneX camera should know that VideoPad seems to be one of the few editors that can actually handle the 5.7K files that the OneX produces. While it will not output 360 videos at the native 5.7K (5120 X 2880), it does output very reasonable quality 4096 X 2304 format videos that I find quite acceptable for viewing in a VR Headset. The problem I occasionally have with editing longer videos is with overall sound-sync and slight pauses in the final playback IF I save in VideoPad's Mp4 option. I am not sure why VideoPad has problems making long
  2. Other editing software (ie: Vegas/Magix) incorporates proxy editing with no need to manually create folders and smaller files yourself. However, Videopad is so much nicer to work with, sad that it is lacking this basic feature given how cumbersome the process as detailed here is. It should probably have been written into the software years ago. As it is, I still use the process detailed here because VideoPad is one of the few editors that outputs super nice '4096 X 2304' 360 videos (better than 4K) and the difference is noticeable in VR Headsets! Beautiful results. As far as I know it is the o
  3. Hi I am new to VideoPad but I am trying to use it to combine my Insta360 One X footage and am having the same problem. While I see the red and blue brackets for each clip I am combining, the Exported video is inconsistent in whether it will export the entire set of clips.I have tried selecting all the clips in the sequence and grouping them but that does not work either. Individually the red blue brackets are correctly bracketing the clips where I want. Is there an Overall bracketing I can do that addresses all of them to ensure I have the whole video?
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