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  1. Hello again Nationalsolo. I only had the time to check it out now. But I did not find on how I can rollback to a previous version. Where can I get v7.03? Thank again, LuusBueb
  2. Hello Nationalsolo, Thank you so much for the detailed explanation. I will try it out as soon as I get the chance. Thanks again
  3. Hello Nationalsolo, Thank you for your reply :). I agree that this would be the simplest way. But I do not know how to record two videos at the same time into two separate video files. I use OBS Studio for recording. According to my researches, this is the simplest way to do it. But the editing software was premiere from adobe. The reason I want to do it like that is that I want to scale the webcam video occasionally. And it needs to be recorded at the same time. Is there no way to do it? Thanks again.
  4. Hello borate, Thank you again for your reply. I created an image that displays my issue, and posted it on imgur. Please find the link to the image below: https://imgur.com/vfs9N94 Any idea? With kind regards,
  5. Hello Borate. Thanks for your quick reply. I never used auto-match. No matter what I choose. The output seems to be the same. Thanks again.
  6. Hello, I am new to VideoPad Professional. I record videos in 3840 x 1080 format so that I can record my screen and record from webcam. I am trying the following: Crop the video in half. So that I have two 1920 x 1080 videos Resize them as needed. And position them how I want. When I see my sequence in the preview, I can see everything as I want in the 1920 x 1080 ratio. But when I export the video it exports it in 3840 x 1080 format. Am I missing something? Is this even possible? Thank you in advance for any suggestions :).
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