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  1. I've been writing a score long enough to run to two pages. When I view the file in Crescendo, both pages are complete - but when I try to print it, the second page is a mess. Looking at the 'Print Preview', at the start of page 2, bars (measures) 64, 65 and 66 are normal - but the only content of bars 67, 68 and 69 are the slurs - no notes visible at all! Bars 70, 71 and 72 are intact, but bars 73 and 74 are missing - then from bar 75 to bar 102, it's all there. It's not just the 'Print Preview' which is wrong; if I print a copy, page 1 is fine, but page 2 prints as described above. I've also tried exporting it as a .png file, and as a .pdf file - but both have exactly the same bars missing. Any suggestions? Thank you, Jack
  2. Thank you, Fred28 - I discovered this quite by accident last night. It's a pity that the company didn't explain this in the 'Help' files - so I will send them an e-mail suggesting they add it. With best regards, Jack
  3. If this info is in the manual, it would be helpful if you'd specified which section, rather than just saying "check the manual" - or, better still, specified how we can create those symbols. I've read through the manual very carefully, twice, and the only reference I can find is in the introduction, which says the software allows you to: "Create repeat symbols like Segno and Coda" Unfortunately, it doesn't say how you can do this, nor where to find the instructions, nor can I find any other reference in the user manual to either Segno or Coda.
  4. Oh, I'm with you. Right, how I did it was like this: 1. go to the first bar line in the piece (for the moment, ignore the notes between the time sig. and that first bar line); 2. right click on that bar line, and use the options to make it 'Start Repeat'; 3. insert an additional bar in between the 'Start Repeat' sign and the notes of the second bar; 4. copy the notes between the time sig. and the 'Start Repeat' sign; 5. paste them into your new bar after the 'Start Repeat' sign; 6. delete those notes from between the time sig. and the 'Start Repeat' sign; 7. drag the 'Start Repeat' sign back to the time sig. I don't know if that's the official way to do it, but I just tried it and it worked okay. HTH, Jack
  5. Hi Mike Fiacre51, the above answer was posted by Alex some time back. HTH, Jack
  6. Is it possible to set the tablature for a 5 string instrument like a banjo? I can't find anything mentioning this anywhere in the file window or the 'Help' files.
  7. If you want to repeat the bar immediately preceding, but want to save space, you can use the symbol which is two diagonal lines with one dot above and one dot below, which means 'play this bar exactly the same as the one before it'. These are the steps required: 1. left click on the bar where you want to put the symbol for 'Repeat Previous Bar'; 2. right click on the bar - that opens up a drop-down menu; 3. left click on 'Repeat one bar' - and the symbol is inserted in the bar. HTH, JackE
  8. I've tried using Auto Format Bar to space notes evenly, many times, and it never works. I'm sorry I don't know how to add an image of a screenshot to this post, but what happens is that some notes are widely spaced and others are almost touching. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you Jack E
  9. Found it! But why isn't this shown in the Help Manual? To insert a double bar line (measure line): 1. Insert a bar line as normal. 2. Right click on the bar line. 3. A drop-down menu appears, 4. Left click on 'Double'.
  10. The Help Manual notes one of the features is the facility to insert double bar lines (measure lines), as well as single bar lines - but I can't find anything in the notation menu to do that. Can anyone tell me how it is done, please? Thank you, JackE
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