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  1. When I finish my 3d model and view the blueprint n 2D view the floor is a dull grey preventing the view from showing scaled grid. How do i remove this floor so I can see the scaled grid lines in 2D view (blueprint)?
  2. I have this same problem. When I first built my 3D model of my floor plan layout the 3D view and 2D blueprint were showing the floor and allowed me to edit material/color. However after many months of success with this, when I upgraded to version 6.15 all I now see is grass and can't make the Floor function aufofill or free draw the floor the is missing. How do we solve this? A reported problem for 3 years with no fix? COME ON NCH!
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    You can create dimensions for the walls by using Label feature and selecting button for Wall Label and then selecting the wall you want to dimension. The dimension will then appear as normal for a floor plan. User guide doesn't seem to cover this feature. Maybe it as added since your postings.
  4. Is there a way to group a set of chairs and table and move them all at once to new location?
  5. Currently evaluating the trial version of Dreamplan. Would like to see a lot more furniture/appliance items than provided in trial version. For example, there is no item for a Furnace utility and no item for a kitchen double sink. Are their more items in the Pro version or more items available to download from any other source?
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