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  1. I have recently acquired a Mac and I'm looking for an app that is like IrfanView on my PC before I can happily use it as my main computer. I mostly work with scanned old documents for genealogy and I want to be able to remove horizontal and vertical strips from the document. e.g. when a double page spread of a book is scanned I want to be able to easily remove the centre inch or so where the binding is. Or for documents with a heading I want to keep the heading and remove all but the row(s) of interest to me. Cropping is great for removing the bottom rows that I'm not interested in, but I also want to eliminate the rows between my row of interest and the heading row. In IrfanView this is an option on the edit menu which I use many times daily. Can I do this with this with Photopad for the Mac - or any other software - or would I need to "cut and shut", saving the bits and rejoining them which is too complicated and slow.
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