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  1. I am also having same problem and unable to open "Sub accounts" under ACCOUNT NUMBER 6210 WAGES AND SALARIES. at new account creating form: combo-box of Default linked account for is not showing header account ACCOUNT NUMBER 6210 WAGES AND SALARIES. I am related with a travel agency and our income and sale is on commission base and also we pay commission to our sub agents, So it also very difficult to keep a commission records in NCH express account. So may I have any help in this regarding?
  2. Thanks for your reply, But I am not asking to create a new account, I know it very well, I am asking you that (Please see this snap pic of NCH main window.) For example: at "Reports" main window where at left bottom of screen NCH showing some "Financial Summaries" like " Net Assets: (Amount), Profit this month: (Amount), Profit Last Month: (Amount) etc I want to add here Petty cash or Cash in Hand Summaries at in main windows area. So Is there any way to do it. I am not so good in English but I am trying my best to tell my problem.
  3. How we can change or add any account like Cash in hand at financial summaries on the main window in Express Account.
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