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  1. On 1/19/2009 at 8:06 PM, Flopsymahalia said:

    "Personally, I use NCH Express Burn and individually load each .wav file or .mp3 file in the order that I want them burned. No mistakes that way."


    I've been trying this but with no success.


    When I try to add the split files using Express Burn, I can't get to them. The split files are stored in app data>roaming>NCH Swift Sound>Golden.


    However, when I try to open  Vidmate iTunes Notepad++that location from Express Burn>Add Files, I cannot.


    This is where I get stopped: app data>roaming>microsoft.


    There's a microsoft folder with subfolders, but there's not an NCH Swift Sound folder.


    Any help with this?




    Golden Records (GR) defaults to an alphabetical sort. You can alter the sort to be by date and time by clicking on the date/time column. That will hopefully solve your problem if you are burning your CD directly from GR.

  2. On 4/10/2018 at 4:46 PM, Gekker said:

    Editing something in WavePad shouldn't affect its order in a Zulu playlist. it is possible that you're clicking the column headers and rearranging the playlist alphabetically as per the clicked Vidmate iTunes Notepad++column header.

    In any case, we recommend saving your playlist as a.xml file that you can reload to Zulu if you lose your playlist order. Under "Audio Library" near the bottom select "Export to Playlist...", select your playlist and click OK. To import the playlist, under "Audio Library" select "Import Audio Playlist".

    Hi. My playlist (of around 50 tracks) keeps reordering itself into some random order. Pretty frustrating when setting up a three-hour playlist. Any way of fixing this issue?

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