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  1. Actually, I can also confirm that this is true. I got the same warning. Although I had it installed for over a month, but rarely use it. I decided to give it another try today. And I got the "error" giving me the choice to either buy Professional version or to stop using the software. I tried to submit a bug report and I was told to upgrade to 5.52. I did this and then I was able to use the software again. But I need to make sure of something..... So NCH should be more forthcoming about the free vs paid limitations of the software. If there are truly no limitatio
  2. There is a checkbox "show rectangle area when recording" But the program doesn't seem to have a customization for the darkening effect of the non-recorded parts. I may want to record one part of my desktop, and continue working on the non-recorded parts of the desktop. Can I show the rectangle, but not darken the other parts while recording (either in the program settings or in registry entry? Other recording software does this easily. edit: I cannot attach a screenshot, so I will add dropbox link for clarification: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4spnk04at81eg01/debut show rect
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