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  1. Thanks for replying, but I checked the settings, and they were already set as shown above. However, I now find that just re-naming it .mov or .mp4 seems to work! I'll keep the link though, just in case. Still a shame that I had a shimmery green video after using the software.
  2. I was delighted to find the Prism software, which appeared to be straightforward and easy to use. However, when I tried to convert a short video in m2ts format to MP4, the result was a screen with green flickering all over it. I tried a couple of files, but always with the same result. I downloaded the free software from the NCH Software website, and I'm using Windows 10. The first video I tried was 131MB in its original, but I've also tried with another which was only 29.2MB - which converted into 17.3MB, I notice. Please could anyone tell me where I'm going wrong? Or could there have been a problem with the download? Thanks in advance.
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