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  1. Someone please HELP ME!!! I have used the free version of Photostage several times to make videos for loved ones to play at funeral of a loved one. I have never had a problem before. But of course, this time I have a very short amount of time to create the slideshow....the funeral is TOMORROW! I don't understand why, but the video hangs up, just stops at every transition between photos. I tried taking out the transitions I had put between the photos. No luck. I removed the music from the audio track. Still no luck. When you start the slideshow it goes fine until it stops between first photo and second photo and just stays frozen there. I manually clicked on the video button to start the video after it hung on the first two, Moved the slider past that and tried again. NO LUCK..... for the love of GOD, will someone help me? If I don't show up with this video at the funeral tomorrow, they're going to bury me right along side the desceased!
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