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  1. it looks like in V4 you could add a custom order number when creating an invoice. In v7 the only way to do this , is to create an Order in the first place , and then create an invoice from the order. Does anyone know of anyway to input the order number while creating the invoice? the field is not even showing
  2. Hi All, I have upgraded to version 7 and imported the backup. Almost all seems ok, but I have a column called Order, which did populate for the old invoices. The issue is when I add a new invoice and fill in the Customer PO field, i do not see this reflected as order. Is there any way to change it ? I no longer have access to the previous system as it died. I am unable to attach a screenshot for some reason.... so here is a link https://www.dropbox.com/s/a9208sd7wcjkb9q/orders.jpg?dl=0
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