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  1. The connectors work correctly on the 4K display at 150% magnification, and also seem to work at 225%.
  2. I have more information about my problem. I see that the connector is supposed to adjust automatically as the end is brought near the destination shape. This does not work correctly on my 4k display that is set for 250% display magnification. However, it dose seem to work on a lower resolution display, so the problem may be limited to high resolution displays, and perhaps only at high magnification. I will test this further.
  3. How do I make a connector with one 90 deg bend? If I start with the orthogonal connector with two bends, I can sometimes change the legs to get rid of one bend, but the size of the legs is limited. Other times I can get rid of one bend, but the arrow at the end is turned 90 degrees. I need a connector that starts out horizontal, and then turns down to meet with another element.
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