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  1. Doesn't seem to be the case. The executables have identical file sizes and timestamps. I just tried the installer above, which installed 7.30. It allowed export to MOV this time, but we'll see if it sticks or not.
  2. How could the trial period expire on this PC but not the other two? It has been installed longer on the other two PCs; I just installed it recently on this one.
  3. I have v 7.10 installed on 3 PCs, all for non-commercial home use. On 2 PCs, I can export in any format. However, on the 3rd PC, which I most recently installed the software on, I got a message today saying my trial period had ended and that I'm trying to export to a paid format (in this case, .MOV). I'd rather not select another format, since I'm trying to do a lossless export, and the source file is MOV. I'm a bit confused as to why this is happening, since I'm using the same version on all 3 PCs. in fact, I think 2 of the PCs actually used the same installer file. Has anyone run into this?
  4. FYI, 7.10 seems to have corrected the "First clip freezing" issue. I'm using Crossfade at the end of a clip to fade to black, and it's working as expected.
  5. I've been having similar problems with 7.05. Fade-in works just fine, but any transitions have problems. It looks like there are two issues: First clip freezing - When the transition starts, the first clip jumps to what seems to be the last frame in the clip, which then remains still for the rest of the transition. Second clip out of sync/jumps - The video in the transition for the second clip actually seems to be from some random time further along in the second clip. Looking at an example now, it seems the video is jumping ahead 10-15 seconds for the transition, and then jumps back to the correct position after the transition. In addition, the Fade transition actually completely fades halfway though. That is, if I set a 10 second Fade, the clip is completely faded to black after 5 seconds. Cross Fade seems to work as intended (other than the freeze frame issue noted above). This makes VideoPad completely unusable.
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