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  1. Hi, Is there an issue to use more than one line simultaneously for outgoing calls when using the savedata plugin to save data entry in a .csv file? Anyone tested it? Thank you!
  2. Hello, We are in search of an auto calling and survey solution to call our stores everyday and get them to answer 2 questions, one in 3 digit format and second is 4 digits answer and then, it's saved to a CSV file. For now I got the Auto call list working via our Voip PBX, (Will the auto call list will call every day between auto dial set time?) Then, the first question message play and I set it for a 3 digit data entry but when I enter it then the line hang up. I doesn't go to my second question that is set on Go to OGM... after data entry complete..The second question asks for the 4 digit data entry. The result need to be exported to a CSV file with perhaps, a column with the number called, a column for the store number, and another one with the corresponding answer. I might probably need help with the Savedata plugin. Is it possible to achieve that with this software and can I have help achieving this? Thank you!
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