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  1. Thank you! Borate also said something along those lines. I discovered that exporting the video untouched with Videopad to a mkv solves all the problems, but I will also have that Prism program you mentioned just in case! Thank you all for your quick support. Congratulations on Videopad by the way, after Movie Maker disappeared, it's the only one I could get used to. It's very accessible for someone not to tech savvy like me.
  2. Thank you very much. To any reader, it seems it was the video that is corrupted, not Videopad's fault.
  3. Ok, I sent it to you. Thank you for your understanding.
  4. I see, I apologise but the videos I edit have friends and family, and I wouldn't be comfortable sharing them. Anyways, I did try to replicate the issue with the Windows Wildlife sample video and I couldn't, it went all smoothly. So could it be the video's fault after all? But the previous ones I edited were recorder the exact same way and had no problem... Is there any way I can test if the video is ok? Thank you again!
  5. Thank you for the reply! I did what you suggested and reinstalled Videopad with the link you provided. It looks a little bit different now I think, better and cleaner somehow! It has different button layouts and a blue colour on the time bar, so maybe I wasn't in the latest version after all. However, the problem persists... In this version there is no "Preview" button above (I can't find it at least) but it still gets rid of some frames at the start of clip 2 when I playback. If I screenshot, the same thing happens, even if I see what should be there in the Sequence preview on the right,
  6. Hi, I made an account here to ask for help with a problem I'm having just now, I've been using Videopad a while now and I haven't had any issues, but just yesterday I noticed that whenever I split a video, even if there is no transition at all, Videopad decides to freeze the last frame of the previous clip for a second of so into the next one, eating away what was there already. - If I delete the previous clip (which is what I want, trimming the video) it plays normally only in the Clip Preview on the right, if I click on the actual "Preview" button above, there are missing frames, e
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