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  1. I kept working at it and I think I may have found the problem… If you noticed in my previous post, the ‘Device Properties’ were set to 24-bit, 48,000 Hz. SoundTap saves audio files at 16-bit 44,100 Hz. In my case I saved them in WAV formart. I changed by ‘Device Properties’ output to match the file settings of SoundTap. For my Windows 10 computer the setting are under 'Manage Audio Devices' > select your playback device and click 'Properties' > click the tab 'Advanced'. Now change the 'Default Format to 16 bit, 44100 Hz (CD Quality). I’ve recorded over an hour of audio and the problem has not happened again. I assume - I’m guessing here - when SoundTap saves the audio file, it has to down-convert my file to the lower bitrate. That’s when the pop sound is created. This is similar to shortening the length of an audio file (make a 70 second file 60 seconds). The more you "crunch" the file, the better chances of getting pops just like what we were experiencing. I hope this helps someone.
  2. I'm having the same problem. I’m currently running version 6.03 of SoundTap. I carefully listen to the original source music while the recording is being made and there is no pop. When I play back the file it's there. SoundTap is set to save the audio file as a WAV file. I tried re-recording the same music from the same source and the pop noise happens again, but at a different time within a song. 1. What were you recording at the time? Music from Amazon Music. I've tried other sources (Spotify) and got the same problem. 2. If you know the technical details that would be great. ie. bitrate, mp3/aac Unknown. The Amazon quality setting is set to HIGH. 3. Were you doing other work on your computer at the same time? It should be fine to do so, but it could help me track down the problem. No. No other work was being done. Just listening to the music being recorded. No system sounds either - all turned off. 4. What kind of soundcard are you using? Onboard sound card. HP Envy desktop Z9M79AV with Realtek High Definition Audio. Driver version 5. Have you changed any settings on your soundcard. eg. Have you changed the default playback format in the Speakers/Headphones Properties dialog? If so, what are the settings? Everything set to default settings. Format 24-bit, 48000 Hz. All enhancements turned off. 6. Does this problem occur every time you record? Yes 7. Does the problem exist after a reboot? Yes 8. Can you save a small snippet of the recording you made so that I can analyze it and track down the issue? If so, I'll contact you via email. Yes. I opened a support ticket and attempted to upload a sample file via FTP. I'm not sure the sample uploaded correctly. I used a couple of different FTP applications and I received a server error - unable to display directory.
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