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  1. I kept working at it and I think I may have found the problem… If you noticed in my previous post, the ‘Device Properties’ were set to 24-bit, 48,000 Hz. SoundTap saves audio files at 16-bit 44,100 Hz. In my case I saved them in WAV formart. I changed by ‘Device Properties’ output to match the file settings of SoundTap. For my Windows 10 computer the setting are under 'Manage Audio Devices' > select your playback device and click 'Properties' > click the tab 'Advanced'. Now change the 'Default Format to 16 bit, 44100 Hz (CD Quality). I’ve recorded over an hour of audio
  2. I'm having the same problem. I’m currently running version 6.03 of SoundTap. I carefully listen to the original source music while the recording is being made and there is no pop. When I play back the file it's there. SoundTap is set to save the audio file as a WAV file. I tried re-recording the same music from the same source and the pop noise happens again, but at a different time within a song. 1. What were you recording at the time? Music from Amazon Music. I've tried other sources (Spotify) and got the same problem. 2. If you know the technical details that would b
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