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  1. You just take a wav file and an image and do the test
  2. Hi Nat, how on earth do you have time to post all this ? I look at it later, because I am busy ...
  3. I have worked since 2014 with Camtasia Studio and have paid some hundred USD. I have respect for your work, but I find it very hard to understand 'add effect'. It seems very primitive way for the coder and very odd for the user. I have tested Zoom. I have seen the video, but I cannot figure out how to add an effect at one time and make it stop at another time. It is VERY complictated compare with Camtasia and probably other software. I see the timeline in the popup window - It took me some time to see that. I want some symbols ON the media on the timeline. I want to be able to drag them on
  4. Nat: I found it fast. Very good, thank U. I get back to this issue asap. I still do not like, that Videopad does not deliver, what I ask it: MP4, H264 and audio 320kbps.
  5. I have been away for some hours. Now I better understand. From the very beginning I just wanted to export to a file, that Youtube/Google recommends here https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/1722171?hl=en-GB that is I was focused on MP4 container. Sorry to you guys, but I overlooked the Video compressor MPEG4. I have to study the difference H264 and MPEG4. I will look closer at your posts. I hope that others will learn something here. I do. Again thank you and I will test later.
  6. "The .avi is just a container for the MP4" - it seems, that you do NOT know about this subject.
  7. I have 30 years of computer experience and have written several computer manuals etc. I DO have some experience. I like your word SHOULD. Pls try it for yourself. We talk about facts here, not "should" and "could". I have spent some hour on this, enough for now.
  8. So far I have not succeded in making a file with 320kbps audio. Right now I have waisted 46 USD, if I do not get my money back. I make simple test. I import image and a small wav file with 1411kbps. I have made the same test in Camtasia 2018 and here my audio setting is 512kbps and this is what I get after export. Videopad does NOT do, what the user is told: create mp4 with 320kbps audio and I have asked for a refund.
  9. @Nationalsolo: your screenshots are NOT correct. they show video encode being MP4, but actually you are displaying audio after selecting .avi video format
  10. Thanks a lot all 3 of you. I use 7.03, downloaded a few weeks ago. If I can be assured that I can export a mp4 with 320kbps, I am happy to pay 30 Euro. I have paid 300 USD for Camtasia twice during the last 5-6 years and Videopad is much better for my needs. Nationalsolo: I do NOT want to make an avi file, then I have to convert it to mp4 for youtube, but thank U for the screenshots. I have paid and will test ...
  11. I got a unusable reply from support about this saying. I asked about audio and get a response about video: The free versions are limited in the formats supported, effects included, etc. For example, the free version of VideoPad will only allow you to export to a few video formats. And I asked again without reply. Why should I pay, if I do not exactly know, if my audio files can be saved with 320kbps, when my original audio file is 510kbps ?
  12. The best video I have seen so far to understand audio compression (compressor), normalisation, amplify and limiter BUT very good links in this thread. You need some patience to understand the differences, but it is worthwhile to understand the theory. That way you save your self a lot of time. This levelator is in many cases, what you want to do.
  13. I thought U were in Australia OR you are up very early. Let me say here, that I admire your work. I have just tested some other programs but the most important thing is to make a selection on the timeline - what we all do very often - and here Videopad wins completely. Until I found out about the mouse down and the double arrow and drag. Superior and intuitive and creativie. Videopad is my choice now. I hope that it can do, what I want to do 😉
  14. I asked for 320 kbps but get 160 kbps. Is that because I use the free version?
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