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  1. Thanks to all who helped with v7.25 bug fix.😂 One question, is v7.25 a beta and subject to further changes before release?
  2. Thanks borate for your latest suggestions, they could work for me, will try. Nationalsolo, I am using an overlay track with a gap between each test block, so your suggestion for a fade-out could also work for me. Or maybe best of all NCH just fix the bug.😉
  3. OK Borate you are confusing me! Why would I need to go back as far as 7.02 when I have stated in all my posts 7.11 works. It’s only builds after 7.11 that contain the bug I am seeing, text block, fade in, then dissolve, that dissolve is cutting off. Can you explain further?
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. I have 36 text clips in my current project, all with fade in and dissolve. Probable easier to stay with 7.11 rather than convert each to transparency as not all have the same fade in or dissolve time. Hopefully the bug fix won’t take too long. Thank all for your attention.
  5. Thanks guys, for taking the time to test and confirming there is a bug in the latest release, VP 7.23 Until it gets fixed my best solution is to revert to the last build that did not contain the bug,VP 7.11 Anyway, look forward to the bug being fixed soon. 😊
  6. I note that VP 7.23 has been release. Just to express my disappointment that the subject bug has not been fix! 😢 Exported video, text with fade in and transition dissolve at end text does not dissolved it just cuts off. Back to 7.11.
  7. Hi borate, Sorry I thought I had made the file public (share) with a link. Try this link here or here Please let me know if both links work for downloading as this is the first time, I have shared a file. If there is still a share problem, I will need to do some reading.
  8. Hi. Rather than send the project I am working on, it’s a little large, I put together a simple project to highlight the issue of exported video in which the text is set to the transition dissolve. The project was created in 7.11 See here Load into 7.11. The preview is correct, exported to an avi or mp4 video and the text dissolving correctly, using the same project loaded into 7.12, 7.21 or 7.22 the preview again looks correct but in the exported avi or mp4 video the text does not dissolve, it just cuts off. As a further test I created another project this time in 7.21. Again, the transition dissolve did not work on the text when exported to a video from 7.21, but when the same project is exported to a video from 7.11 it works. I find the statement “However, the project file (vpj file) may not behave exactly as expected when created in an earlier version of VP and imported to a later version of VP.”, very disturbing! Its reasonable to expect any good software should be forward compatible. Something created in 7.0 should work in 7.21. Created the above before I read Borates then Nationalsolo posts. So it is a bug in 7.12 and above, thanks Borate and Nationalsolo
  9. Hi, hope you can help. I am placing text to overlay a still image. Using VP7.11 I can set the transition at the end of a text to dissolve. This work in preview and the avi exported video. However, using the same project loaded into 7.12, 7.21 or 7.22 the preview again looks correct but in the exported avi video the text does not dissolve it just cuts off. Also tried MP4, same results. A bug in versions above 7.11?
  10. An update. I was still having the issue. “On starting VP 7.11 the “Welcome dialog” window is closed by a message window “Loading effect and transition icons”, thus the links on the welcome dialog cannot be used.”, when I noticed a beta VP 7.12, so I installed that and this issue went away. I then read there were some bugs in 7.12 so reinstalled 7.11. Low and behold my issue was still fixed. Perhaps something in 7.12 stuck. Before I had tried going back to 7.03 and even to 5.11, but that had not helped. Anyway, my issue seems to be fixed.
  11. Nationalsolo thanks for the suggestion. That how I have been forces to play it to be able to use VP. Borate I de-selecting the welcome window option. As you might expect I still get the “Loading effect and transition icons” message. Thanks for your efforts. Hopefully in a new build this bug will be fixed.
  12. Even if my issue of the welcome window closing automatically on start did not exist it would be helpful if the window could be reopened at anytime from the menu.
  13. It’s beginning to look like I am stuck with this issue, it not a show stopper but 😞 I had got used to using the welcome window on opening VP. If anyone has any further thoughts please post.
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