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  1. I'm running licensed 10.43 on two machines. In Clip Preview, the cursor control keys only work when working with the video track of the clip, not the audio track. I'll need to manually drag the cursor (red vertical line) manually with the mouse to put it where I need it to be. Needless to say, it's a hassle.
  2. I second that. It would be much easier for those of us who already had their projects uploaded to their YouTube channels.
  3. user007, thanks for the tip and sorry about my belated response. I've been hitting up the used market to see what's out there. I'm quite fond of the msi Titan GT80/83 machines, but their used prices still are way, way beyond what I can afford - one dude here in Jeddah has one for sale, and the price he's asking could get you a nice used Mercedes-Benz! There are some used Dell Latitudes floating around the local online classifieds, and a couple of them aren't too shabby forthe asking prices, with late-generation i7, multi-gig graphics, lots of RAM and what have you. Of course, I'd rather
  4. I know now what I did wrong: I should've replaced the original files with the proxies in the same original folder, rather than put the originals and the proxies in two different folders. I realized this because the software kept asking me to "resolve missing files" every time I wanted to work on the project. That's when I realized that VideoPad must be looking for the files to load in the original location they were in when I started the project. All I had to do was move the proxy files into the original location - problem solved. So, back to my original post: From what I've gathe
  5. Thanks for the reply. I have been using (or rather, trying to get by with) proxy editing after I stumbled upon the post you linked to a few days earlier. Things are slightly better running lower-resolution proxy files (I used Prism to create 640x360 proxy files averaging 20-100Mb each, as opposed to the 290Mb originals,) but not by much - I would say the performance is now akin to what it was with VideoPad 5.xx or the early versions of 6.xx. Performance seemed to deteriorate after each Windows 10 update. Using proxy editing presented me with another issue: every time I
  6. Hello everyone, My name is Shady and I'm new to this forum. I've been using VideoPad Master's Edition since late 2017 to edit some cycling action videos and post them on YouTube. The primary machine that I've been running VideoPad on is an ancient Dell Latitude 6410 from around early 2011 (which I had bought, slightly used, in 2015,) with a first-generation Intel Core i7 640M processor (2.8GHz,) Nvidia NVS 3100M graphics (512mb dedicated RAM, if I recall,) and 8Gb of RAM (the maximum amount this machine is capable of using.) Until recently, the laptop could
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