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  1. Thanks for your suggestion. I connected my SJCAM (action camera) with USB and that will connect to Eyeline. Removing /videofeed from the Android phone path makes no difference: Eyeline does not connect. It may be worth mentioning that the Android phone running IPwebcam does connect to NCH Debut v 4.09 whereas on Debut version 5.40 it connects and then disconnects after about 50 seconds. So I've gone back to the old version of Debut (and may be asking for a refund on my Debut "upgrade" in due course.
  2. Thank you Gary... version 5.4 does definitely not work for me.
  3. I use ipwebcam to turn my Android smartphone into a security camera, and I am interested in using eyeline to put multiple cameras online. However the demo version of eyeline cannot recognize the video stream even though my browser can. Has anyone else got it working with Android phone as security cameras? edit: here is a screen shot of the live video feed displayed in Firefox (url confirmed in the address bar) and a the nch eyeline message box over the top telling me that the url is invalid: https://melahi.online/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/nch-connect.png
  4. I upgraded from version 4 to version 5 and now every few minutes it tells me that the video/sound has been diconnected and I have to click retry to reconnect. The video stream runs just fine to my web browser.
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