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  1. Earlier today I exported a 15 minute video just fine and yesterday an hour long one but today I exported an hour and a half long vid and once it finishes processing threads it just doesnt move or make any progress. I left it for a few hours and nothing. Ive repaired, reinstalled, downloaded a new setup incase of updates or something, I opened up and tried to export a 1 min long vid and that didnt work so the length of the video isn't the problem. Help pls and thanks.
  2. Yea my pc is more than capable of running videopad. I had the preview res set to its max. All good now. Thanks!
  3. So I've been using video pad for a little while and this has never really happened before. When I drag new clips to the track, the green line that indicates how far along your video has processed so you can watch the preview, shows up for maybe 10 seconds then disappears. I can't edit my clips without being able to watch what I'm editing. Pls help and thanks.
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